Welcome to the American Hyperbaric Center web site. Here you can learn more about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, as well as our history and business philosophy.

Working to provide the best possible care since 1998, American Hyperbaric Center of Alaska has been cooperating with referring physicians to successfully help patients suffering from diabetic non-healing wounds, soft tissue radiation injuries, compromised skin grafts, carbon monoxide poisoning, and many other life-threatening conditions.



A patient resting comfortably in the Hyperbaric Chamber in Anchorage, AlaskaIt is American Hyperbaric Center’s mission to provide state of the art wound care and hyperbaric oxygen treatment for members of our communities in a comfortable, compassionate environment.


  • AHC will be recognized as an industry leader in the delivery of highest quality, cost effective care in the fields of wound care and hyperbaric medicine
  • AHC will remain the referral center of choice for both patients and local providers for the care we deliver.
  • AHC will treat the full range of UHMS approved indications for hyperbaric medicine
  • AHC believes in strong collaboration with the community to improve access to health care and quality of life for the communities we serve.


  • Access:  All patients will get equal care regardless of ability to pay or source of payment
  • Compassion:  At every level of our organization, we will demonstrate compassion and understanding for our patient’s, employees and members of our community.
  • Safety:  AHC will be an industry leader with respect to safety and strive to maintain UHMS accreditation.
  • Training:  AHC is committed to continuing training for employees to ensure our standards of safety and excellence are maintained.
  • Excellence:  AHC has an expectation of excellence in all areas, we strive to exceed expectations
  • Diversity:  We recognize the importance and value of diversity both in our employees and members of the community we serve.
  • Fulfilling Potential:  We believe each individual member of our team offers a significant and unique contribution to our whole organization, and strive to support the individual’s growth as a valued member of our team.
  • Collaboration:  We believe in the importance of a well-functioning team in the delivery of health care, and strive to excel in our role as a team partner with our provider colleagues
  • Stewardship:  AHC believes that we can only be successful in carrying out our mission through solid financial performance, and by assuring that resources provided us are used effectively, in the way they were intended, and for the benefit of our patients and community